by lindsey scharold

I write about art, music, and (sub)culture.

I am a student of Creative Publishing & Critical Journalism (MA) at The New School.
Forthcoming: Longform profile of abstract painter Caroline Kent.

I do not use social media.
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How Many Americans Believe that Art Has Any Value? (Public Seminar, 2022)

“It is a disservice to the arts for [Jed] Perl to take for granted a cultural consensus about their significance in any context, never mind their ‘freestanding’ value. At risk is the erasure of the real complexity of the views that currently exist around the arts in America. In other words, I want to insist not on the politicization of art that Perl resists, but instead on a more dynamic account of the arts as they actually exist within contemporary society, and not outside of it.”

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A Love Letter to the Minneapolis Underground (MnArtists, 2021)

“As contemporary ways of life become increasingly “on the grid,” online, and under surveillance, the idea of thousands of young people descending upon a hockey arena after hours seems all the more preposterous. [...] But subcultures have always been resilient. All that is left, then, is to go underground.”

Click here to read the full text at MnArtists from The Walker Art Center.

Cody Hudson a.k.a. Struggle Inc.

“His artistic process and aesthetic style contributed to the distinct visual flavor of Midwestern rave culture. " [I was] using uncoated paper and spot color inks that made the Midwest flyers stand out," Hudson recalls. Looking through an archive of Even Furthur promotional materials, you’ll find a treasure trove of 1990s underground nostalgia and hippie revivalism, rife with spirals, yogic motifs, and wavvy, Hendrix-inspired typefaces. The event’s name is an homage to the Grateful Dead, after all.”

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Dustin Zahn of Enemy Records

“Dustin Zahn is an internationally performing DJ and producer who is well suited for playing both hypnotic, marathon sets at Berlin’s most infamous club, and joyous house music at Minneapolis’ beloved daytime party, Communion. I caught up with the Minneapolis expat to dig deeper into his record label and find out how groundbreaking Intellephunk parties like Goodnight, Daylight came to be.“

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Yutaka Matsuzawa at Midway Contemporary Art

“Experiencing the work is both intimate and imaginal. Matsuzawa’s contemplations, though delicate pencil inscriptions on paper, conjure up vivid internal images and experiences. The work makes clear what is true, though often esoteric, across contemporary art: the artwork is empowered and enlivened by your participation in it.“

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Ron Rege Jr. at The Anderson

“Ron Regé Jr. is a visionary comic book artist who illustrates utopian political ideals, occult spiritual concepts, and the inroads between. His style lies somewhere at the intersection of Keith Haring, Alex Grey, and Seth Tobocman. Regé Jr. expresses how faith in a brighter world and in the future yet unseen is more than a secular political project — it is also a spiritual one.“

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