Lindsey Scharold is a nonfiction writer and journalist based in Minneapolis and NYC-bound. She writes at the intersection of art and subculture. Through language she cultivates reverence and remembrance for the sublime and fleeting experience of visual art and music. By documenting these moments, she taps into what makes the aesthetic experience meaningful.

Conversation is integral to Lindsey’s work. Her writing arises from her internal monologe. It is constructed through interviews.  It is conjured from dialogue between herself and works of art. It is sparked by conversations with friends. She views life as a collaborative effort.

violet psyche is the digital temple for Lindsey’s creative work. She rejects social media as a generative or creative space. She is open to any and all opportunities to co-create with others, in real life.

Lindsey was recently admitted to the Creative Publishing and Critical Journalism Master’s program at The New School. Before becoming an arts administrator, she spent many years making coffee and being tired. 

Email her at lindseyscharold at gmail dot com