Violet Psyche

Welcome to the digital archive of Lindsey Scharold

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Violet Psyche

Welcome to the digital archive of Lindsey Scharold

Published Work



Published Work

Can Art Reimagine Freedom of Speech?, Public Seminar. Fall 2022.

How Baristas Really Feel About Tip-Free Service, Brooklyn Daily Eagle, PRINT. Fall 2022.

Anya Kielar’s Sculptural Portraits Command the Female Gaze at Pioneer Works in Brooklyn, CULTURED Magazine. Fall 2022.

Speaking Paintings into Being with Caroline Kent, Mn Artists. Spring 2022.
(Republished in BackMatter Magazine, PRINT. Spring 2022)

How Many Americans Believe that Art Has Any Value?, Public Seminar. Spring 2022.

Love Letter to the Minneapolis Underground, Mn Artists. Spring 2021.

One Art Mogul’s Raver Roots, Self-published. Spring 2020.

Enemy Records: Dustin Zahn’s Indie Techno Label, Sigil (zine), Self-published. Spring 2019.

Yutaka Matsuzawa’ at Midway Contemporary Art, Self-published. 2019.

Hi, I’m Lindsey, a writer based in Brooklyn, New York. My work has been published in Cultured Magazine, Mn Artists, Public Seminar and more. I write about contemporary art, music, and the importance of creativity. I currently study Creative Publishing and Critical Journalism at The New School.

In my visual art practice, I focus on analog techniques and I mainly work with film and collage. Occasionally I bring this sensibility to the computer for typography and design. For more, take a look at my portfolio.