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Welcome to Lindsey Scharold‘s digital archive.

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Violet Psyche

Welcome to the digital archive of Lindsey Scharold

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I don’t use social media, but I’m always open to connecting with others. Please reach out to me via email at:

LindseyScharold [at]

Hi, I’m Lindsey, a New York City-based writer. I mostly write art criticism and semi-personal essays about culture.  My work highlights the significance of aesthetics and the importance of subcultural life. I’ve been published by CULTURED, Mn Artists, Public Seminar, and more.

I am trained in aesthetic philosophy, curatorial practis, and hold a degree in Creative Publishing & Critical Journalism from The New School.

In my visual art practice, I focus on analog techniques and I mainly work with film and collage. Occasionally I bring this sensibility to the computer for typography and design. For more, take a look at my portfolio.